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Warm Up Ōtaki: Pay it forward

Want to make your home energy efficient and healthier?

And help those who can't afford to?

Warm Up Ōtaki is now offering a 'pay it forward' assessment scheme.

Assessments (by our project lead, Matt Brenin) cost from $250.

You choose how much.

Every - tax deductible! - dollar you pay over $200 goes towards another home's assessment.

So by getting your home assessed, you're making at least a $50 tax deductible donation. More if you want to!

Bonus: your subsequent energy efficiency savings will likely pay this off.

This is how we plan to help more Õtaki families stay warm and well this winter.

Professional advice continues to be free for renters and homeowners alike, and if you have a community services card, you are eligible for a free assessment.

See Warm Up Ōtaki for details.

Please contact Matt


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