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Climate Energy

Te Hiko

All our projects reduce Ōtaki's climate-crisis causing carbon emissions. In most cases this by changing the kind of energy we use and reducing how much is needed. 

These projects are especially focused on helping our town get to 'carbon neutral' by 2035. 

Partnering with landowners (and others!) to plant trees, for the benefit of everything alive ...including local biodiversity. Navigating or advising on 'carbon credits', and putting in shoots and roots for a rich and more stable future.

Otaki Carbon Forests_seedlings select 07

More bike riding means fewer car trips. Fewer emissions for better expeditions! Boosted fitness is a bonus in our donated-and-revamped bike giveaway project.


Sharing is caring; a project to make the benefits of good energy choices clear to see. To encourage us all!

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