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Business Energy Service  Ratonga Hiko mō ngā Pakihi

Making energy work for businesses.

Your business is busy, so stepping back to strategise on energy needs is way down the priority list. No worries - we can do the wrangling for you.


Business Energy Service is free. We want to help your business reach its sleek peak in energy efficiency and clean energy proficiency.

That's better for the bottom line, fiscal or environmental, and that's better for us all.  

Please fill out this questionnaire so we can tailor our research to your business' needs.

Then we'll be in touch for our first free consultation. 

  • When is the next Great Bike Giveaway and Fix-it Session?
    Please stand by, caller. The next Giveaway will be early November. Details as they emerge! Meanwhile, here are photos from our last Great Bike Giveaway and Repair Day.
  • When is your next repair session for volunteers?
    Here are the dates for 2024! We welcome all volunteers - no bike or bike fixing experience necessary. Interested? Please email Kirsty at, who can share location and timing details. Saturday, 22nd June Saturday, 20th July Saturday, 24th August Saturday, 28th September Saturday, 2nd November - Community Repair and Giveaway Day - TBC
  • Can anyone get a bike? Is it free?
    Yes! Koha is appreciated.
  • Do you want my bike? Where can I drop it off?
    Is your bike in pretty good condition? Needing no or only minor repairs? Then yes please. You can bring your bike/s to Energise Ōtaki's office between 10am-2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Or if that's not possible, email Kirsty to arrange a pick-up.
  • I'm not sure if my bike is in good enough condition. How do I find out?
    If you think your bike might need more than a minor repair, please send us a photo or a description of it. That will help determine if it is worth repairing salvaging for parts or sending to recycling.
  • Do I have to know how to repair bikes to volunteer?
    No! There's a job for everyone.
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