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Ngā mihi to Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki for sharing these principles.


Kaitiakitanga requires us to nurture people and place; to preserve and enrich those things we have inherited from generations past. It demands that we employ our resources wisely, ensuring that their utilisation contributes to our viability and reputation.


Values the ethic of working together, with energy and enthusiasm, towards the achievement of common goals. We should celebrate our distinctiveness while also revelling in our shared experiences, understandings, philosophies and interests.


Manaakitanga extends aroha (love and compassion) to others — and is found in acts such as helping, encouraging and supporting. It provides us with endless opportunities to engage with people, individually and collectively. We need to ensure all our activities are conducted in a way that is mana enhancing of all those involved, and reflect values such as generosity, fairness, respect and consideration.


Mohiotanga involves freely and openly sharing information and knowledge in a way that all can use it easily.


Maramatanga means understanding, knowledge, skill, intelligence, deduction, comprehension.


Reminds us that our achievements are typically the result of collaborative effort. The full potential of our work is realised through working together as a whānau, which encourages us to celebrate our common interests, applaud our diversity and reinforce connections with whānau, hapu and iwi.


Ūkaipōtanga reinforces Ōtaki as our principal home, as a place of comfort, connectedness, nourishment and inspiration, a place where one belongs, feels valued and is able to contribute. The town is of primary importance on reconnection with matauranga from our own whānau, hapu and iwi. We should ensure that we are fully engaged with our people and endeavour to create a similar environment at Energise Ōtaki.


Rangatiratanga requires us to behave in a way that attracts favourable comments from others to the extent that we might be considered to have attributes commonly associated with a rangatira. We must nurture and promote these characteristics. We must be confident and competent in the way that we do our work, exercising control and discipline to ensure the integrity of our pursuits.

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