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Fixing items, bonding people. 

Ōtaki Repair Café
Te Whare Whakatika o Ōtaki

Fixing items. Bonding people. 

Repairs, skill shares, eclairs (or similar)...

Ōtaki Repair Café volunteers mend your favourite items

while tending to your need for cake and coffee. 


You're saving energy by delaying the need to build and ship replacements

... and boosting 'good energy' by bringing our community together.  

Happening several times a year since 2019. 

Bring in your broken bits and learn how to fix 

clothing​, bikes and scooters, household electronics, bric-a-brac, jewellery and more. 

  • When is the next Great Bike Giveaway and Fix-it Session?
    Watch this space! Dates pending. Meanwhile, here are photos from our last Great Bike Giveaway and Repair Day.
  • When is your next repair session for volunteers?
    Thank you for your interest! We'll post this as soon as the date is confirmed. Meanwhile, please feel free to email Kirsty at
  • Can anyone get a bike? Is it free?
    Yes! Koha is appreciated.
  • Do you want my bike? Where can I drop it off?
    Is your bike in pretty good condition? Needing no or only minor repairs? Then yes please. You can bring your bike/s to Energise Ōtaki's office between 10am-2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Or if that's not possible, email Kirsty to arrange a pick-up.
  • I'm not sure if my bike is in good enough condition. How do I find out?
    If you think your bike might need more than a minor repair, please send us a photo or a description of it. That will help determine if it is worth repairing salvaging for parts or sending to recycling.
  • Do I have to know how to repair bikes to volunteer?
    No! There's a job for everyone.
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